From our Asia-Pacific headquarters in China, B2B International provides b2b market research and intelligence services across the entire Asia-Pacific region.


Our market intelligence in Asia-Pacific

Having carried out projects in Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, we understand the challenges inherent in doing business in much of the Asia-Pacific region, including balancing market share against margin, fast-changing supply chains, and a different approach to communications.

Asia-Pacific Market Research

Our approach

Whilst most multinationals have a presence in Asia-Pacific, the majority still experience huge difficulties in gaining satisfactory market share and persuading clients to pay for the value that they receive. As a result, the most common types of work we conduct are:

  • Market opportunity research – Western businesses frequently want to set realistic yet achievable goals for their Asian businesses. Your business needs to understand the overall market size, and above all the addressable market size – that is, the size of the segment that is willing and able to pay for the value you provide.
  • Value chain analysis – The starting point to understanding any market is drawing out the market map. How do products and services get to market, and how is this changing? How many distributors are there and what value do they add? How do the approaches of multinationals and local businesses differ? Once we have mapped out the market on your behalf, we go on to recommend the path of least resistance in the supply chain.
  • B2b pricing strategy – The million-dollar question for many Western businesses in Asia-Pacific is ‘how do I charge the price I should be charging without killing the business?’ B2B International’s deep expertise in pricing is applied to all markets, particularly Asia-Pacific. Competitive pricing studies as well as statistical price optimization studies are a crucial part of our offering for businesses serious about succeeding in Asia-Pacific.

Underpinning our expertise when it comes to researching Asian markets is our understanding of how to draw information out of business people in different geographies.