Webinar On Demand: Generational Differences in B2B Decision-Making


Webinar On Demand: Generational Differences in B2B Decision-Making

With the rising influence of millennial decision-makers, B2B brands will have to fundamentally change the way they engage with their target audience. In this webinar, experts from B2B International and the B2B Institute share their findings on how emotions play a crucial role in the customer experience and the steps brands must take to evolve and successfully deliver against the rising expectations of today’s millennial decision-makers.

Key takeaways

  • Ty Heath, Director of Market Engagement at the B2B Institute, discusses their work with the Global Web Index which examines the changing behaviours and attitudes of “the BETAs,” the first cohort of digital natives to assume positions of seniority in business, at a time of dislocation.

  • Matthew Powell, Director at B2B International, discusses the four “Superpowers” brand need to be able to deliver the ultimate customer buying experience and how this differs across generations.

  • Simon Calvert, Chief Strategy Officer at gyro UK, discusses how brands that use these two bodies of research shape the way they can engage with audiences and how these findings can be applied to your B2B strategy.

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