How often should you measure the NPS?

As with many complex B2B market research topics, there is no simple “one size fits all” answer to the question on how often the Net Promoter Score (NPS) should be measured. It depends on the nature of the industry, the extent to which a company can influence satisfaction, the churn in customers, the amount of repeat business, and a whole multitude of other indicators.


If the nature of the business is fast-paced and customers are having the choice of multiple suppliers, a much higher interval of NPS measurement is recommended. In consumer facing industries it is common to continuously measure the NPS through transactional surveys, but this is rather rare in business-to-business buying relationships.

Instead of solely tracking and benchmarking the NPS, it might also be worth considering setting up a voice of the customer program, to measure customer satisfaction and customer experience in combination with NPS and transactional survey data.


Internal questions to consider when timing NPS surveys

It is recommended to measure the satisfaction of your customers regularly. However, also bear in mind the following considerations:

  • Can you react? Knowing that there is constant change in customer satisfaction levels is one thing, being able to address issues quickly is another. If they cannot be addressed on short notice, there is no need to measure in short intervals.
  • Try to avoid events that can interfere with a satisfaction survey. For example: It is not recommended to send an NPS survey after a large corporate change, like after rebranding, as audiences might confuse their like/dislike of a new corporate design with their overall satisfaction.
  • Are structural changes taking place? Another situation that can interfere with the results of an NPS survey, and should therefore be avoided, is surveying just after the introduction of new product lines or the setup of new production facilities. Such big changes might lead to short term operational issues and skew the results.

Net Promoter Score


External issues to take into consideration

There are also wider aspects to consider, which determine the ideal time to run an NPS survey:

  • How responsive is my customer base? Depending on the nature of the customer base it is wise to adjust the frequency of data collection. If the audience consists of senior stakeholders for example, it definitely shouldn’t be addresses too often to avoid risking reputation damage.
  • Is it necessary to survey all customers at once? A phased approach, either by only including a sample of customers or split by business units might be a good way forward.

From experience, a good starting point is to look at the NPS in a baseline study, which also identifies drivers and motivations. This can then be followed-up annually or every second year with either a re-run for comparability or a tracker. It is not often in b2b markets that an industry requires a more regular measurement than once a year.

We are happy to advise based on the individual circumstances of your business and industry.

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