What Is a CSAT score?

A CSAT score is a performance measure of a customer’s satisfaction with an organisation and/or its products and services.


It is different to loyalty (Net Promoter Score) in the sense that it is a measurement of the here and now, and thus takes into consideration the present and past performance. Whereas loyalty is very much a future gazing measure.

CSAT scores can be used to give a measure of the overall performance of an organisation and/or its products and services, or it can be used to separately measure all the different customer touchpoints.

That said without a doubt the most famous CSAT measure of all time is that of overall satisfaction:


Overall, how satisfied are you with… on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is not at all satisfied and 10 is extremely satisfied?



Which CSAT score should I use?

Opinion differs on the right scale to use when measuring CSAT, at B2B International we are very much in favour of using a 10-point scale. It is the most commonly used scale in the world and from an analysis and statistical point of views allows you to do a lot more with the data.

Other options are a 5-point and 7-point scale which are traditional used in paper surveys, more so for layout reasons than anything else. Some people also like the fact that these scales provide a midpoint. However, as less and less surveys are being done on paper these scales are becoming less popular.

For the remainder of this introduction we will discuss our favoured 10-point CSAT measurement.


What is a best-in-class CSAT score?

Whilst a 10-point scale is presented, most mean scores fall within a score of 7 to 9. We refer to this as the corridor of satisfaction.

It is easy for a company to score 7/10. Therefore, any increase observed beyond this is magnified as important and any score below 7/10 should be seen to be a poor score.

A mean satisfaction score above 8/10 is classed as lying in the ‘corridor of satisfaction’ and is seen as a good score.

Best-in-class organisations achieve a great score of 8.5/10 or above.

CSAT corridor of satisfaction

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