How can I improve my NPS score?

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How To Improve Your NPS Score: A 7-Step Guide

This guide provides some of the key steps that a business needs to take to improve customer experience and ultimately improve their NPS.


Internal engagement and senior buy-in

In our experience, this is the most important step! To improve your NPS score the whole business needs to put the customer at the heart of the business. The most important stakeholders to get on-board with your customer experience strategy is your company’s board. Their enthusiasm will spread to the rest of the business.


Map your customer journey

To be able to improve your customer experience, you need to know all of the different ways your company interacts with its customers. By building a customer journey map, you can quickly understand all of the touchpoints a customer has with your company. This exercise alone can identify some of your inefficiencies or weaknesses.


Understanding customer needs

You need to understand what is most important to your customers – this ensures that you make changes that will have the biggest impact on their loyalty towards you. Make sure that you are delivering on the hygiene factors, and that you look to impress customers on the delight factors.


Identifying and improving weak spots

When you measured your NPS score, you probably also asked your customers ‘why’. Have a look at the common themes and see what you can do to address these. You might want to consider doing some ‘deep-dive’ exploratory research to fully understand the issues that customers are experiencing. This will help you make strategic decisions for your business’s future.


Reacting tactically

There may be one or two points of your customer experience that you identify as particularly important or areas that you choose to make investments in. A pulse survey will help you to keep on-top of customer sentiment at these times. If you receive negative feedback, reach out to the customer to resolve the issue promptly and close the loop.


Segmenting your customer base

As your NPS score starts to improve, then segmenting your customers could be the next step to achieving a ‘best-in-class’ NPS. Segmenting customers based on different needs and behaviors and adapting your approach based on what you know to tailor the customer experience can be what really differentiates your organisation.


Continuing to measure and listen

Customer expectations are constantly changing. To stay ahead of the competition you need to continue to measure and listen to customer feedback on a regular basis – what ‘Wow’s them today will be expected tomorrow. Customer experience is a long-term commitment!
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