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International Market Research

In the past 3 years, B2B International has conducted market research in over 70 countries and more than 35 languages.

We've got the world covered

As more companies recognise and embrace the opportunities that global markets offer, the need for high quality international market research has increased accordingly.

We can help you whether you want to focus on a single territory or require a complex multi-country study. We know that research into international markets brings unique challenges. It is therefore vital that you work with a specialist global research agency.

Our experience in international b2b research is unparalleled. Modern, globalized international supply chains - especially for b2b goods and services - mean that most of our projects involve researching multiple countries.


International Market Research

Our approach to international research

B2B International's key international fieldwork resources are managed in-house. This is unlike many other market research agencies that outsource international fieldwork to third-party data collection agencies.

We have multi-lingual telephone interviewing facilities at both our UK and Asia headquarters. We also have an on-the-ground presence across Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas to assist with the delivery of local projects.

As we tailor each project to best meet your requirements, we can advise you if specific research techniques are not suited to a particular country. If you are considering researching international markets, it helps to work with a specialist like B2B International.

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