How to Superpower B2B Customer Experiences in the Technology Sector


In 2020 we introduced you to the 4 Superpowers, which collectively help architect the ultimate B2B customer experience. Within these 4 Superpowers we identified 30 key ingredients of B2B customer experiences that make the difference between winning and losing brands. These Superpowers and individual ingredients were split into two; those which add value to a business, and those which add value to the individual buyer.

We have since established “The New Shape of B2B Customer Experiences” and what this is comprised of in 2022 and beyond. There are 6 newly important ingredients which Technology companies should be focusing on this year to create that superior experience. So much so, that if a Technology company was to deliver against these 6 ingredients, they are over 3 times more likely to see increased spend from customers in future. In addition to these 6 ingredients, there are 10 ingredients that remain as important as ever to succeed.

To see which ingredients are most important in the Technology sector, take a look at the infographic below.

To dive deeper into what it takes to deliver superpowered customer experiences in the Technology sector, download our video guide.

How to Superpower B2B Customer Experiences in the Technology Sector

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