Superpowers 2.0: The Industry Series


Superpowers 2.0: The Industry Series

Creating a meaningful B2B brand experience across your industry

The B2B purchase journey is getting longer and more complicated. Furthermore, B2B buyer expectations vary across many different cohorts including industry sectors. So how do you create a meaningful experience for your audience and ultimately become a winning brand?

Introducing the Superpowers 2.0: The industry series…

This on-demand series includes 4 video guides on how to create a superior experience across:

  • The Technology sector
  • The Financial Services sector
  • The Manufacturing sector
  • The Professional Services sector

In each video our experts take a deep dive into which Superpowered ingredients will enable you to add meaningful value to both your organization and your clients based on our latest Superpowers research.

Key Takeaways include:

  • What constitutes a meaningful B2B brand experience in 2022
  • The commercial benefits of installing these superpowered ingredients
  • Which aspects of the B2B brand experience have changed since 2020 within your sector
  • The eternally important ingredients for creating a superior B2B experience
  • The implications for your brand

About the research:

We interviewed over 3,500 buyers of products and services and asked them to retrace their steps on their journeys for over 6,000 B2B purchase experiences. We then asked them to identify the ingredients that mattered most to them and at what points in the journey, and how well a brand performed against those ingredients. So which ingredients can make-or-break B2B customer experiences?…



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