Masterclasses from B2B International

B2B International is the world’s leading specialist business to business market research consultancy. Over the last two decades it has carried out 3000 projects covering all industry verticals. It has offices in the UK, Düsseldorf, New York and Beijing. The experiences gained are shared in Masterclasses run by senior consultants at B2B International.

#1 - Masterclass on the fundamentals of market research


Understand the different sources of internal and external knowledge

  • Learn how to be more effective in researching secondary sources (desk research from media, competitors etc.)
  • Understand the role of primary research and where it should be used (both from the market and from colleagues)
  • How to take a structured approach to discovering what really matters to customers and to exploit competitor gaps
  • Understand the basics of customer experience and what drives excellent CX
  • Understand the fundamentals of segmented marketing & how research helps in defining/executing a segmented plan
  • Understand the customer journey and its component parts (touchpoints)

Practical skills

  • How to ask questions that get to the heart of the matter (questionnaire writing and interviewing)
  • How to interpret different types of market research data (quantitative and qualitative)
  • Spotting trends and how to separate trivia from more fundamental insights
  • Joining the dots: How to derive learnings from different pieces of knowledge
  • How to effectively communicate insights to others (both written and verbally)
  • Issues to bear in mind in B2B market research
  • Understand how promotional campaigns can be assessed using market research methods
  • Understand basic metrics for measuring customer experience, including standard measures and metrics

Using market intelligence to build your organisation

  • Understand the role of brand in supporting effective marketing and positive customer experiences
  • Learn how brand performance is measured in B2B markets
  • Building CVPs for customers that are appropriately targeted and which highlight key segment / customer needs
  • Understand benchmarks and goals against which customer experience can be measured both within and outside your organisation
  • Understand the factors that attract customers to do business with you in the first place
  • Understand the factors which keep customers happy in the longer term
  • Developing new ways to enhance customer experience

#2 - Masterclass on business-to-business marketing


Overview & introduction

  • What is b2b marketing
  • Life cycle and b2b markets
  • The purpose and role of the 4 Ps within marketing
  • The 4 Ps and SAVE in b2b markets and b2c markets
  • The role of marketing and the 4 Ps in a B2B company


  • The core product – features, specifications, range
  • The extended product – service, bundling, the interaction between the core product and the extended product
  • Intangibles
  • Using market research to define the product that is needed
  • Differentiating the product
  • Product requirements in Western and Eastern markets
  • How to write a customer value proposition (CVP)


  • Types of pricing strategy – penetration pricing, value pricing, bundling, debundling etc.
  • Calculating your optimum price – an overview
  • Avoiding commoditisation
  • Pricing strategies in Western and Eastern markets


  • Geography, decision maker, channel and other aspects of place
  • Building a market map
  • Direct versus indirect channels – pros and cons
  • Channel strategies in Western and Eastern markets
  • Value chain analysis


  • Promotional strategies and tactics
  • Promotional messages
  • Promotional channels
  • Branding and positioning
  • Guerrilla marketing


  • Firmographic, behavioural, needs and psychographic segmentation possibilities
  • Developing segmentation strategies that work in B2B companies

Useful frameworks

  • SWOT
  • Value Equivalence Line
  • Directional Policy Matrix

#3 - Masterclass on specialist market research skills


The use of market research in building businesses

  • Learn how market research feeds into different business models and frameworks
  • Learn what market intelligence can (and cannot) find out that will help your business grow

Using market research to segment markets

  • Types of segmentation approach (firmographic, behavioural, and needs based)
  • Statistical techniques used in segmentation research
  • Successfully using segmentation within your organisation
  • Bringing segments to life

Using market research to improve a brand position

  • Brand health monitoring
  • Using tracking studies to measure brand health
  • Using market research to establish brand positioning
  • Measuring brand equity

Using market research to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Pulse surveys versus annual surveys to track satisfaction and loyalty
  • Questions to determine satisfaction and loyalty
  • Using statistics to dig deep into drivers of satisfaction and loyalty

Using market research to achieve optimum pricing

  • Sources of market intelligence on business to business pricing
  • Van Westendorp analysis and its role in B2B marketing
  • Gabor Granger analysis and price elasticity
  • Using MaxDiff to establish what is valued in an offer
  • Using conjoint analysis to determine optimum prices
  • Using SIMALTO to determine optimum prices
  • Brand price trade-off analysis

Using market research to enter a new market

  • Techniques for measuring market size
  • Identifying trends and growth opportunities
  • Researching the competitive landscape

Using market research for launching new products

  • The use of qualitative research for screening new ideas
  • Developing success criteria for new products
  • How to test prototype and new products

The lead trainer

The lead trainer on all the Masterclasses will be Paul Hague. Paul is the founder of B2B International and an expert on business to business marketing and market research. He is a Fellow of The Market Research Society, and the author of books on industrial branding, questionnaire design, presentation skills, and sampling and statistics. He has managed more than 2000 market research projects in his career. He is an expert trainer bringing the subject to life with case studies and examples.

Paul will be joined in some of the sessions by colleagues who are experts in specific subjects.

Key information

The venue

The Masterclasses will be held in a dedicated training room at B2B International’s head office in Bramhall, a suburb of greater Manchester.

Who should attend?

The “fundamentals” masterclass is aimed at people in market research departments, market research agencies or people in marketing functions who need an understanding of the market research process.

The “specialist skills” masterclass is aimed at people who have a good understanding of market research and want to learn more about specific research tools. This will include customer insight managers and marketing managers within business to business organisations.

The “business to business marketing” masterclass is aimed at all marketing managers, directors and VPs.


B2B International’s offices are 20 minutes from Manchester airport which connects with major cities throughout the world. London is two hours by train. A range of accommodation can be recommended from gastronomic indulgences in Cheshire through to the lively centre of Manchester.

Dates for the diary

Masterclass on the fundamentals of market research: 11th & 12th April 2017

Masterclass on business to business marketing: 9th & 10th May 2017

Masterclass on specialist market research skills: 23rd & 24th May 2017

How to book

The fee for each two day Masterclass is £850 (early bird discount – £750 if booked by 28th February 2017).

If two people attend a Masterclass from the same company, the fee for the second person is half price – £425 (or £375 if booked by 28th February.