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Something For Nothing

Want to know how to get information for next to nothing? You betcha!
Ok, so maybe our enticingly entitled How To Get Information For Next To Nothing white paper is really a cleverly disguised guide to conducting secondary research, but it’s always one of B2B International’s most popular white papers and with

Simple Steps To Successful Forecasting

Retaining loyal customers, generating turnover and responding to global competition are becoming increasingly challenging.  And the current economic climate doesn’t help as financial pillars appear to shake and stumble, draining confidence amongst businesses of all kinds. 
In times like these, it is crucial to remain focused.  Forecasts are

Google Universal Results And B2B

Google have recently announced that they arrive to radically change the way their search engine works. The new ‘Google Universal Results’ will merge their standard search results with results from Google images, and Google videos. So how much of an impact will this have on businesses? Cast your eyes over the

How To Conduct Desk Research

From www.research-live.com
The British Library is offering free advice on market research for small businesses, through a series of workshops at its business and intellectual property centre.
The Knowing Your Market workshops, sponsored by Yellow Pages, will show how small business owners can use the library’s freely available resources, and other resources on the

Conduct your own market research in China

Increasingly, Western companies are conducting their own desk research on Chinese markets, as a prelude to commissioning detailed research with a market research agency. With this in mind, B2B International China is now providing online access to some of the key websites that any company considering market research in China should know about.

Looking Back Over 2006 – A Year In Market Research

So, for our last post of 2006 we thought it would be fitting to compile all our favourite posts from throughout the year. After starting from scratch at the start of the year, the blog has seen massive success, and we are sure you will agree, has now become a vast resource of

Industrial Research In China

Just a short post today to point you in the direction of a huge resource that people may find useful when conducting desk research on Asian markets.
Chatham House has a variety of reports on their website that cover a vast array of different issues relating to China. To view the website click

Podcast: Market Research In China – Part 2

This week’s podcast (available at www.themarketresearchpodcast.com – B2B International’s new podcast website) is part 2 of our white paper on “Market Research In Chinaâ€?. It was written by Matt Harrison, Director of B2B International, and covers the following topics:
The ‘Typical’ Chinese Market Research Agency
Data Collection In Chinese Agencies
Desk Research

Sources For Desk Research

We have come across an interesting article by Rieva Lesonsky, (a small-business expert and a senior vice president and editorial director at Entrepreneur Media Inc) that brings together many useful links and resources. The article was compiled as a resource hub for entrepreneurs, but doubles-up perfectly as a great source of desk research

Sniffing Out The Right Information

There is no point reinventing a wheel and there are many metaphorical wheels available to the market researcher. The expert desk researcher can quickly and inexpensively dig out data from a wide variety of sources to answer many of the questions that have already been asked.
Desk research is a term that is used

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