Win / Loss Research: Helping b2b sales teams to work smarter


Helping brands to maximise their sales performance

How can businesses ensure they are maximising their sales conversion rates? Is there money being ‘left on the table’ through not selling on value, or not communicating the differentiating features of a product of service?

Win / loss research helps businesses to understand what really works in the sales process, and what areas need to be improved.

Winning at sales: Taking a structured, evidence-based approach

Of course there are innumerable factors that could contribute to sales success – whether it’s the diagnosis of the customer’s problem, the technical know-how of the sales representative or the role of channel partners during the process.

Win / loss research seeks to take the guesswork out of this process. Rather than relying on anecdotes or hearsay, a successful win-loss research programme provides a detailed action plan to help you to:

  • Maximise your conversion rate;
  • Maximise the value of each sale;
  • More systematically identify opportunities that have a higher chance of conversion;

Winning at sales: Taking a structured, evidence-based approach


Why do win / loss research?

Return on investment is always an important consideration when looking to undertake research. Happily, win / loss is an area where ROI can be realised swiftly and tangibly. In many organisations, even an increase of 1-5% in conversion rates can have an appreciable impact on the bottom line.

Why do win / loss research?


How does win / loss research work?

Win / loss research involves contacting recent opportunities to discuss the sales experience: What went well, what could have been improved, how expectations were met (or otherwise) and how this stacked up against the competition.

This means speaking to lost opportunities as well as secured opportunities in order to get a representative picture of the experience. Win / loss studies can be deployed as one-off projects, but work most effectively as an on-going activity. In this way, learnings are continuously fed back into the business so that corrective action can be taken before problems arise in the quarterly figures.

How does win / loss research work?


What Can Win / Loss Research deliver?

Overview of current sales experience
  • What works well, what doesn’t?
  • How well value is being communicated
  • Which sales tools or messages resonate best with the market?
Measurement of win/loss 'drivers'
  • The factors that have the biggest impact on whether a deal is converted or not
  • With a large-enough dataset, these drivers can be used to predict future conversion rates
Areas to improve and build upon
  • The customer journey stages to focus on to improve conversion rate
  • Examples of best practice that can be shared between and within teams
‘Levers’ to increase sale value
  • What are the factors that ensure the most value is extracted?
  • Missed opportunities for cross- or up-sell
  • Was the correct solution identified for the customer? Are any new propositions needed?
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