Read case studies on research in the construction industry and learn more about B2B International’s market research services below.

Our services

  • Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty – the construction industry, in the main, is loyal to brands that are used. Customer satisfaction research will show what can improve loyalty and what will destroy it.
  • Brand Equity – building brands which have awareness, strong values and good performance is one of the most important tasks in construction marketing. Market research will measure the equity of brands and show how they can be strengthened.
  • Segmentation – in the construction industry some customers buy on price, some buy on quality, and others value service – and so on. A key to construction marketing is understanding customer segmentation and having different offers to meet different needs.
  • Advertising / Communications – communicating to the construction industry is possible through all the conventional routes as well as word-of-mouth and point of sale. Research will show the best way of getting your message across.
  • Product Development – the construction industry is always looking for better, faster, cheaper – if at all possible. Market research can ensure your new products will be successful.
  • Needs Assessment / Voice of the Customer – it is surprising how many suppliers to the construction industry have no formal process for listening to their customers to find out their needs – and more importantly to identify gaps in the market.
  • Pricing Research – the construction industry is notorious for setting prices “from the gut”. No wonder there is such variability in prices and so much money left on the table.
  • Opportunity Assessment – if you don’t know the size of the market you are serving, it is impossible to attack the opportunity. There are numerous niches of specialized markets in the construction industry that offer huge opportunities and market research can identify these for you.
  • Competitor Intelligence – the construction industry is a competitive jungle. Understanding your position in this jungle is vital to success. Research can profile competitors and benchmark your product against them.

Our case studies


Case study 1: Brand tracking

Client: A global manufacturer of hand & power tools

Objective: To track global brand metrics over a 10 year period to identify growth and/or decline of brands in its portfolio versus key competitors

What we did: 8,000 telephone and online interviews a year spanning 10 countries, across end-users of hand and power tools (trades professionals and DIYers)

Outputs: Trade professional and DIYer profiles • Metrics across the brand funnel, i.e. brand awareness, consideration, usage, advocacy • Brand associations (unprompted and prompted) • Brand performance (e.g. quality) • NPS (Net Promoter Score) • Future places of purchase • SWOT Analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats, and potential responses to these)


Case study 2: Product development

Client: A manufacturer of commercial adhesives

Objective: To obtain the market’s views on a range of packaging options for a 2-in-1 adhesive product

What we did: Combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods which included ethnography, shop alongs, focus groups, and an online survey with both professionals and DIYers

Output: User profiles • Purchasing process • Product packaging drivers • Detailed feedback on preferred packaging designs • Perceptions of the product


Case study 3: Market assessment

Client: A leading manufacturer of fixing, fastening and drilling systems for wood, steel and concrete applications

Objective: To explore and validate the market size

What we did: 540 telephone interviews spanning end users, trade counters, and experts

Output: User profiles • Decision drivers • Tool usage & needs • Purchasing trends & behaviors • Size of the market and nature of the opportunity