IdeaJam is a series of workshops where we use a deep understanding of the target customer (whether from existing internal knowledge, or new customer research) to help spark ideas for the future. The workshops will feature a number of B2B marketing experts to ensure you are creating end-to-end solutions and/or strategies.

what is IdeaJam?


What would we cover in our workshops?

IdeaJam Workshops


– Context and Background

– Empathy Mapping

– Define Human/Customer Need

– Application of Business Frameworks: Three Circles Framework, Value Proposition Framework

– Goal Setting

– Collaborative Ideation


Who are our experts?

We have recently joined a consortium of world-class B2B agencies to become Merkle B2B.

Merkle B2B is the collective effort of Merkle, Merkle | DWA, Digital Pi, a Merkle Company, gyro and B2B International. By combining the strengths of these five companies, we have aligned formidable market leaders across the B2B marketing landscape. By embarking on an IdeaJam workshop with us, you will have access to experts across the Merkle B2B agency, ensuring that the solutions we create are fully integrated.


Merkle B2B

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