A good customer experience management program (sometime called an NPS / VOC / CEX program), can help an organisation delight its customers, reduce customer churn, determine improvements to be made and improve profitability. However, sometimes these programs can lose their way as time goes on. There can be a number of reasons for this – low internal engagement, out-of-date questionnaires, sampling that no longer reflects the customer base. All usually result in the outputs becoming less meaningful, and the program not driving enough action.

What we will set out to do

We will work with various stakeholders within your business to gather a detailed understanding of the current customer experience program, how it is currently used, current challenges faced, how it has evolved over time, and what the ideal goals are for the program. This allows us to identify the gaps between the current program, and the program that will deliver what the business needs.

How we will do it

We will look at the current questionnaires, the touchpoints being measured, the sampling, the reporting structure – all the elements of the program. We will also assess the level of engagement with the program internally – who is on-board, who is championing it.

We will then be in a position to redesign and fine-tune all elements of the program to ensure it delivers useful feedback that drives action across the business – and with the right level of engagement internally.

The Typical Process

Customer Experience Audit

What you will get out of it

Upon completion we will work with you to implement the changes to the program – you will have a clear strategy and action plan based on the latest thinking and techniques, for of how to measure customer experience in the most useful way to your business.

Clients for whom we have carried out customer experience consultancy include Worldpay, Molson Coors, Thomson Reuters, City & Guilds, Grant Thornton.