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Find out what your B2B customers are saying about you

There are 500 million tweets sent every day, that is 6,000 tweets a second. People around the world are talking about absolutely everything, or are they?

Our social media monitoring and listening research tools help you tap into the voice of your customers and potential customers across online and social channels, giving you crucial feedback and insights on what the market thinks of your customer experience and brand. Closely listening and reacting quickly to these social signals in real time can help companies gain and maintain a competitive advantage.


Our approach: Horizon Scanning – Our platform for advanced audience intelligence

In B2B research we are always looking to find information and data that is readily available to help provide insights and solutions, so you would imagine that social media platforms like Twitter would be a goldmine for B2B brands. They most definitely are, but only with the right social media monitoring tools at your disposal.

social listening research - horizon scanning

  • We use sophisticated social media listening tools, which scan the information and social media landscape for insights which are relevant to each client’s market and research needs.
  • These tools help us to identify and analyze the network of influencers talking about a topic or a brand, be it on social media, online communities or specific industry sources.
  • Horizon Scanning can also be used to understand what the future may hold within your market, by listening for insights on growth stimulators, challenges, the threat of disruption, or macro/micro trends.
  • We rapidly consolidate content, sorting through the “noise” that can often prevent companies from seeing the big picture. The tools we use are sensitive to the existence of unreliable or misleading content, filtering information so that we can deliver robust and dependable insights to our clients.

Case study: Monitoring what customers say about a leading plumbing and heating brand

We recently conducted a piece of social listening research as part of a project for a leading specialist merchant for plumbing, heating and cooling technology.

We wanted to find out what customers were saying about our client on the internet, what channels they were using to voice their opinions, when and in what context they did so and who the important influencers in the public domain were.

social listening research case study


Activation services: Helping you get the most out of your social media monitoring research investment

social media monitoring
Social Media Monitoring
Actively listening to your target audience across multiple channels to identify what they want, how they behave and what they think of you.
Horizon scanning
Horizon Scanning
Daily scanning of over 15k future-orientated professional news and expert sources with our AI-driven horizon scanning tool.
Personas / Segment Profiling
Bring your customers to life and gain a deeper understanding of their needs and challenges in order to more effectively market to them.
dashboards / reportals
Dashboards / Reportals
Advanced reporting and insight in real-time through custom reports, survey dashboards and portals.

B2B Insights and Viewpoints: What we’ve learned from doing Social Listening Research & Social Media Monitoring

Using Social Media For Competitive Advantage
Social listening is quickly becoming a vital tool for marketers looking for valuable insights about their customers, products, and services.
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