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B2B International adjudged one of the top agencies in MRS awards

Business-to-business market research and business intelligence agency, B2B International, was voted one of the top six research agencies in the country in the ‘Best Agency with a turnover of under £20m’ category at the Market Research Agency (MRS) Awards.
At the MRS awards evening in London on 10th December, B2B International was judged

Surveying the Consumer Survey Landscape

Following the launch of Google Consumer Surveys, Simi Dhawan offers her thoughts on this new way of gauging consumer opinion
Every month, here at B2B International, we hold a working Lunch & Learn meeting for all executives. This serves as a sort of groupthink discussion into ways of advancing the business, whilst raising

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

In this week’s Business Surgery, Simi Dhawan takes a look at the role of ‘copying’ within product and service development.
Being intrinsically nosy, it is no surprise that I have found myself in research. Of particular interest, is anything related to new product development – where the words ‘innovation’ and ‘creativity’ are frequently bandied

Tales Of The Not So Unexpected

In her latest Thursday Night Insight, Simi Dhawan assesses the place of stereotypes and clichés in the world of b2b marketing
Political correctness credibly avoids offending others and yet conflicts with our psychological well-being. Whilst we’re fiercely encouraged – even warned, of the dangers of spurting out some stereotype or saying anything that might

Worlds Apart But Not Much Different

In this weeks Thursday Night Insight, Simi Dhawan finds a stark difference in the Inuit daily routine when compared to her own, but also finds undertones of universal similarity.
I’m turning into my dad. Not quite the revelation that a twenty-something female should readily admit, but there it is. I accept this statement

A Million Pounds……..How Do You Keep Yours..?

In her latest TNI, Simi Dhawandares to dream about getting her hands on a million pounds, but just how will she carry it?
What’s the largest amount of cash you’ve seen at any one time? For the majority of us, everyday, over-the-counter transactions may involve the exchange of a few £20 pound notes, possibly

The Truth About Cats and Dogs….And Their Owners!

A light-hearted discussion about cats and dogs this week led Simi Dhawan to question what drives behaviour and to what extent we should believe the statistics we are told.
Would you say that you are a dog person or a cat person? Common belief has it (or what I’m possibly more inclined to refer

The Real Picture

By giving us an insight into the creative and sometimes surreal world of advertising, Simi Dhawan rightly reminds us that it’s better to risk knowing about a failed plan than to risk implementing a plan which will fail…
As is routine within our so-called “modern world”, no week would follow the norm if a

Buying Into Love

With many of us celebrating Valentine’s Day over the weekend, Simi Dhawan explains how, like all successful marketing, this event tries to tap into people’s fundamental needs and desires.
Across the globe, February 14th marks a special unity between individuals on numerous levels. For some, cards, flowers, chocolates and various other adornments are

Unclouding Judgment with Market Research

Simi Dhawan, in her first Thursday Night Insight, puts forward an impassioned explanation as to why our passion for a subject may, on occasion, cloud our judgment.
“Dispassionate objectivity is itself a passion, for the real and for the truth.”
– Abraham Maslow
To feel strongly or passionately about any given object

Our Industry Expertise


The quality of the research delivered by B2B International is always first class, achieving better results than what we had previously received before.

Tata Steel

This project has provided Vocollect with excellent data to feed into our strategy development process. It has fulfilled all our expectations and B2B have been extremely professional, consultative and responsive during all phases of this project.