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What Sandwiches Tell Us About Marketing

This week, Oliver Truman looks at a purchase decision many of us take every day, and how this reveals the fine line involved in getting marketing right.
Let’s talk sandwiches. It’s a topic that’s been broached a few times on the B2B Blog, and is a mainstay of British conversational

Bringing Data Into Vision

In this week’s Thursday Night Insight, Oliver Truman tells us how a night in front of the box provided an insight into presenting market research data.
The bitterly cold, dystopian winter suffered by most of the Northern Hemisphere recently has given me the perfect opportunity to indulge one of

Unless I’m Very Much Mistaken

This week, Oliver Truman looks at some of the honestly-held misunderstandings we make in everyday life, and at why misconceptions about the market research industry should make us sit up and take notice.
Sometimes we all make mistakes. As human beings, we’re loath to admit our failings, particularly when we

World Cup Advertising: Louder and Longer, But Will It Last?

For this week’s Thursday Night Insight, Oliver Truman kicks off with B2B’s first World Cup-related blog post of the summer.
Well, it’s almost here. And don’t we know about it.
The 2010 Football World Cup is upon us, and everyone’s got their knickers in a twist. Cue endless

Always Different, Always the Same

In this week’s Thursday Night Insight, Oliver Truman ponders whether being unique and innovative is always something we should strive for.
Plagiarism. It’s a word loaded with negative connotations, but we’d all have to admit to indulging in a little copying in our time.
It’s often said that the majority of popular music is

Different Strokes for Different Folks

In her first Thursday Night Insight of 2010, Caroline Harrison takes the opportunity to go back to basics.
I’m sure – at least I hope – he won’t mind my telling you this, but I had something of a hand in my colleague Oliver Truman’s last Thursday Night Insight. Whilst knowing that

Not Howay’ To Do It

Oliver Truman this week takes a brief look into the topic of sports sponsorship.
As is de rigueur in the UK, hardly a weekend goes by when at least some of my time isn’t occupied by watching football (or “soccer”, if you’re that way inclined). After all, it’s Britain’s main

Here’s to the temporary solution…

For his two cents’ worth in this week’s Thursday Night Insight, Oliver Truman dwells on the importance of being resourceful – a quality that’s of particular importance to any budding market researcher.
I sit here writing this week’s submission to TNI in the conservatory of my home surrounded by

The Cloud With The Silver Lining

In his latest Thursday Night Insight, Oliver Truman looks in detail at a creeping trend in our personal and business lives that is starting to have a profound impact on the way we interact with technology.
Every now and then an innovation comes along that makes you sit up

Driven To Distraction

In his latest Thursday Night Insight post, B2B Research Executive Oliver Truman reflects on his own experiences with the automotive industry and concludes that it isn’t just financial assistance that’s needed – it’s also a fundamental reappraisal of what customers actually want and need from their cars.
An awful lot

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