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The 3 Levels of Customer Segmentation (And Why They Matter)

It is often said that segmentation is at the heart of marketing, and we couldn’t agree more. Identifying the different needs of your customers is vital if you want to develop effective marketing strategies and gain competitive advantage. However, the biggest challenge is determining the different groups and segments that make up your

The 4 Most Common Needs-based Segments B2B Marketers Need To Be Aware Of

Segmentation is at the heart of marketing. To satisfy the needs of all your customers, you need to understand how their specific needs differ from one another. In B2B markets, there are far fewer behavioural and needs-based segments to work with compared to consumer markets. On average, a b2b study will reveal only

Researching Researchers!

Earlier this year, B2B International carried out a survey with 103 professionals across the UK and the U.S., who are responsible for b2b marketing and research in large organisations (those with 500+ employees). The aim of the study was to obtain a deep understanding on the market’s requirements of business-to-business research providers.
The survey

Are You Really Being Successful At The Moment?

Marc Brokenbrow’s latest Business Surgery takes a look the possible reasons behind the recent demise of high street retailer Game.
I would never describe shopping as a hobby of mine or something that I particularly enjoy. I don’t like dealing with the crowds, making decisions on what to buy, or the difficulty

The danger of over-delivering

Taking us on a tour of his opulent Beijing hotel, Matthew Harrison this week explains why segmentation of a target market remains crucial.
I am writing this latest installment to Thursday Night Insight from my hotel in Beijing.  Beijing is a city I know well and I have

Understanding the Impact and Effect

In her latest Thursday Night Insight, Carol-Ann Morgan points out that our best intentions are not always quite as well received as we might hope.
In 1687, Sir Isaac Newton compiled his three laws of motion. The third law is commonly reported as…
 “To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”

What Can Marketers Learn From English Seduction Techniques?

This week Director Matthew Harrison draws the key marketing lessons from his (now dormant) seduction techniques.
Each and every year, the month of March is a joyous occasion for me. The brutal New York winter dissipates and makes way for 8 months of glorious sun. The English football season reaches its

Chicken Biryani and B2B Marketing

Paul Hague this week reflects on how an understanding of the decision making process in everyday life helps us to better understand and influence the decision making process of our prospective customers.
I was out for dinner the other evening with a colleague and we were eating in an Indian restaurant. The restaurant had

Buying Into Love

With many of us celebrating Valentine’s Day over the weekend, Simi Dhawan explains how, like all successful marketing, this event tries to tap into people’s fundamental needs and desires.
Across the globe, February 14th marks a special unity between individuals on numerous levels. For some, cards, flowers, chocolates and various other adornments are

(Fish) Food For Thought: Segmentation Fun at Your Local Pet Store

Eve Lenkowsky’s first Thursday Night Insight shows us why careful segmentation of our target markets is vital to survival.
At the risk of coming off as the dorkiest member of B2B International, I’m going to tell you about my latest hobby: fish.  That’s right, I’m a ichthyophile.  Say that one 3

Our Industry Expertise


The quality of work throughout the process was outstanding. My expectations have been exceeded on each of the projects I have worked on with B2B International.


Very good market intelligence that will be invaluable in helping us understand the market landscape and formulate our strategy.