Focus groups are ideal for understanding needs, motivations and prejudices.

Face-to-face B2B focus groups

These can be highly effective, bringing together respondents with different life experiences to discuss and debate an issue. Any comment made by a member of the group is subject to scrutiny. It is likely to be confirmed if thought to be correct or critiqued if thought to be atypical. B2b groups also allow your participation through viewing the groups, leading to an even more valuable research outcome.

Our team of highly experienced moderators, backed up by our in-house unit of telephone recruiters, ensure the correct respondents are recruited to the appropriate groups – from CEOs and financial directors to architects, plumbers and builders.

We have conducted thousands of market research focus groups throughout the world. In the last year alone, we have run them in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Czech Republic, USA, South Africa, China, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.

Whatever your industry and geographical territory, our experience at running b2b focus groups is above and beyond the rest.

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Using the Focus Group in Market Research

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What is a Focus Group?