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Emma Flood

July 2012 / Written by

A Strategy for Success

Emma Flood’s latest Business Surgery looks at differing strategies for success and how ...

January 2012 / Written by

Increasingly Mobile

Emma Flood’s latest Business Surgery assesses the potential of ‘m-research’ As a regular ...

August 2011 / Written by

Brand and brand, hand in hand

Emma Flood this week weighs up the merits of brand partnerships. On a recent ...

March 2011 / Written by

Compare The Market

This week, Emma Flood discusses the advantages of making your brand standing out ...

September 2009 / Written by

Swines for distorting facts

In her Thursday Night Insight this week, Emma Flood warns us what market ...

July 2009 / Written by

On the Rise or Over the Hill?

On the eve of an important milestone in her life, Research Manager Emma ...

April 2009 / Written by

Beyond Belief

In today’s Thursday Night Insight, Emma Flood considers the importance of understanding our ...

January 2009 / Written by

A Woolly Offering

In her first Thursday Night Insight, Research Consultant Emma Flood considers the importance ...

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