How To Successfully Bring Sales and CX Together For A Winning Combination

How To Successfully Bring Sales and CX Together For A Winning Combination

I had a great opportunity the other week to join Matt Wolach of Xsellus for a really interesting discussion. Xsellus are a US based organization who work with founders and leaders in B2B SaaS companies to transform their buyer journeys, turning their product demo into one that compels buyers to purchase. Due to the nature of Matt’s business, CX is always at the forefront of their minds and as a result formed the basis for this insightful podcast discussion.

Listen to the podcast below to find out which 4 key dichotomies have arisen in B2B markets in the last 12 months which have a real impact on not only customer experience, but on marketing and sales strategies overall.

Whilst B2B organizations have now come to the realization that they have to become more customer centric in order to keep hold of customers, we have seen that CX has been deprioritized recently during these tough times and it is having a real impact. Our recent research shows that against the 6 CX pillars that any company should aim to meet; performance against these key criteria is either stagnant or declining. Find out why CX is more important than ever right now, and how organizations who have continued to focus on this have reaped the benefits.

Further to this we also discussed what the ideal scenario is to bring Sales and CX together for that winning combination. How can you keep both your stakeholders and your customers happy all at the same time? How can you continue to see growth in your organization and increase customer loyalty?

And finally as a Co-Founder myself I have had some real experience in scaling an organization and how to get that winning formula. Take a listen to see how B2B International have become “The world’s most experienced b2b market research company. By far.”

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