With educational establishments under greater pressure and facing increased competition, it is more important than ever to understand and satisfy the needs of students.


Our solution

For over a decade, B2B International has been at the forefront of student satisfaction research, working with some of the UK’s leading educational institutions. Our extensive work in student surveys has led us to develop INSTEP (Independent Student Experience Programme), a unique student satisfaction programme which enables you to measure and place a value on your students’ experiences.

INSTEP is built around a technologically-advanced yet simple-to-analyse online survey. In addition to understanding and measuring actual satisfaction, it identifies the issues which are having the greatest impact on overall student satisfaction. In this way INSTEP is unique in allowing you to prioritise actions for improvement and is an excellent aid to strategy planning.

To read some of our white papers on student satisfaction research, follow the link below:

Customer Satisfaction Publications

Key research benefits

  • Results analysed by expert researchers
  • Cost-effective student satisfaction questionnaire package
  • Statistically proven to ask the most important questions
  • Uses the latest technology for student satisfaction surveys and reporting
  • All technical aspects of the survey taken care of on your behalf
  • ‘Real time’ access to ongoing student survey results
  • Supply of detailed findings and recommendations in multiple formats
  • Presentation of recommendations and option to research key findings in further detail
  • Option to re-run student survey at intervals to monitor improvements
  • In short, INSTEP makes student satisfaction surveys simpler, more accessible and more economical