Employee Engagement and the Role It Plays in Fostering Customer Loyalty

Employee Engagement and Customer Loyalty

As those of you with our 2015 Calendar will know, this month’s topic of focus is employee and stakeholder engagement. This topic is especially important when developing and implementing a marketing strategy as success cannot be achieved without the full backing of every stakeholder.

Ensuring all stakeholders are pulling in the same direction is not an easy task. The starting point for any business should be employee engagement. Happy and engaged employees provide great customer service which results in delighted customers and healthy profits. This concept is known as the service profit chain.

Around a quarter of business-to-business companies believe that employee research would be beneficial to them. Identifying the drivers of an engaged workforce is key to making improvements in customer service and fostering customer loyalty.

Have you considered carrying out employee research? To learn more about stakeholder and employee engagement and the role it plays in fostering customer loyalty, please read our article on the subject. In it we take a closer look at the service profit chain and how focusing on happy employees can lead to increases to the bottom line.

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