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Our markets and opportunities research is built on in-depth, industry-specific knowledge, gathered by our expert global teams – from the Americas to Asia Pacific.

We will help you evaluate the “size of the prize”, tell you what competitors are doing and find the most effective route to potential buyers. We can even help you craft your proposition to ensure it truly chimes with what the market wants. In short, we turn insight and data into an effective go-to-market plan.
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“I wanted to thank you for the well prepared and great presentation, all participants were very impressed by the results. Furthermore, I wanted to express my gratitude for the work ethic, determination and flexibility I was recognizing during the project.”

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“Your expertise in the B2B area was apparent and you delivered an excellent standard of deliverable. My stakeholders were very happy with the output and will use it as an integral part to their strategic planning.”


Market sizing

Sizing the opportunity

Underpinning every great business plan are two critical insights: How big is the market, and how much of it can we win? Our decades of practical market sizing experience enable you to make accurate and informed decisions on the scale of your investment – as well as quantifying the potential returns.

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Market assessment

Market intelligence matters

Before building your position in any market, you need to understand its dynamics: Who are your main competitors? Are there any threats that might disrupt your progress? What are the unmet needs of the target audience? Armed with this “market map”, you can make smarter choices as you execute your market development plans.

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Value chain analysis

Find the right routes to market

From farm to fork, from well to wheel and from microprocessors to mobiles, you’ll benefit from our wide experience in b2b value chain analysis. We will help you to uncover the most profitable routes to market and identify the channel partners that are best-placed to reach and serve the opportunities we find.


Go-to-market strategy

Developing your action plan

We offer strategic consultancy and hands-on planning skills to bring research insights together with internal know-how. By running go-to-market workshops with your teams, we can assist you in formulating a robust, evidence-driven plan that will successfully bring your proposition to buyers.


Modelling and prediction

Simulate potential outcomes

All opportunities are beset with risks and uncertainty. Our in-house analytics capabilities can ensure you’re fully prepared for different scenarios. By fusing survey insights, customer data and macroeconomic indicators we can build powerful “what if” simulators that allow your organisation to better manage the risk of entering a new market.

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