Account-based marketing intelligence

Account based marketing intelligence helps B2B brands find the best doors to knock on by building account-level intelligence on target companies, buyers and influencers.


Our approach: The Directional Policy Matrix

account-based marketing intelligence

The key to successful account-based marketing is identifying who is worth targeting and who is not. This can be done by measuring the attractiveness of each segment versus how strong your offering is for that segment.

This is plotted on a directional policy matrix (DPM) to indicate where the biggest potential lies. The size of each bubble represents the relative size of each segment (e.g. by numbers of businesses, total spend, etc).


Case study: Helping a software provider build a list of high-potential prospects in a new market

Our client, a provider of workforce management software, wanted to extend its reach to central governments and allied businesses. These were previously identified to offer a new potential target market due to their perceived need to plan and schedule their people / assets more effectively. Account-based marketing intelligence research was needed across a pre-defined list of public sector businesses to establish a list of target companies that may be appropriate or receptive to the clients offer.

account based marketing intelligence case study


Activation services: Helping you get the most out of your account-based marketing intelligence investment

sales battlecards
Sales Battlecards
A “cheat sheet” used by account management and sales teams for engaging with a customer or prospect.
Personas / Segment Profiling
Bring your customers to life and gain a deeper understanding of their needs and challenges in order to more effectively market to them.
external communications
External Comms
Helping you identify and push compelling customer value propositions that resonate with your audience and give your brand a competitive edge.
Internal Comms
Creating infographics, booklets, videos and presentations to communicate research findings to the wider business in an engaging and memorable way.
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