The Power Of Industrial Brands [eBook]

There have been millions of words written on the subject of branding, but they nearly all relate to consumer products and markets.

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This is hardly surprising in the light of the megabucks spent on brands by firms like Coca-Cola, Campbell’s, McDonald’s and Levi’s. However, for most managers of businesses, the strategies of the branding gurus are as remote as the sums of money which the big brands spend on advertising. A manufacturer of printing presses in Manchester, a supplier of automotive components in Birmingham or an office equipment supplier in London will find little relevance in the branding theories because they are not written with them in mind.

This new e-book is written for managers whose customers are other businesses. Their products (or services) are not consumed in the High Street but are bought by other companies to help in their own output. This is the field of industrial and business-to-business marketing. This book has been written to show that branding is as appropriate for a company pressing metal pieces as it is for Pepsi Cola. It will work for a manufacturer of industrial hose just as it does for Honda. In fact, branding is working already for industrial companies but not with the efficiency it could. Many industrial companies have customers they have supplied for years. These loyal customers buy more than products; they buy trust, friendship, reliability and any number of other intangibles which have a value.

The Power of Industrial Brands leads industrial branding out of the shadow of its consumer counterpart, highlighting the important differences between industrial branding and consumer branding. This distinction will enable you to get to grips with the application of branding in an industrial company. In industry, it is the company’s name that holds the key – it is the embodiment of your customer’s perception of your product, price, delivery and quality of your total service.

Few buyers would change their supplier just because someone knocks on their door offering the same goods for 10 per cent less. The premium which a product enjoys over and above its commodity price, is directly attributable to the benefits the customer believes they obtain as a result of buying from that company. That difference lies in branding.

Based on the authors’ 25 years of experience as marketing consultants to industrial companies, this book takes an entirely practical line, guiding you through each stage of the process to reveal:

  • How to create and build industrial brands
  • How to choose effective names
  • How to promote an industrial brand
  • How to build in service and customer care
  • How to continue to gain the maximum long-term value from industrial branding
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# Chapter Name eBook Audiobook
1 How Do People Buy Industrial Products? (incl. Preface) pdf mp3
2 The Awareness And Associations Of An Industrial Brand pdf mp3
3 Brands, Brand Values And Industrial Brand Image pdf mp3
4 Sub Brands And Brand Extensions pdf mp3
5 The Role Of Brands In Industrial Marketing pdf mp3
6 Stripping Back To The Core Values pdf mp3
7 Measuring Brands – Industrial Branding Research pdf mp3
8 Creating And Changing Brands pdf mp3
9 The Marketing Mix And Building An Industrial Brand pdf mp3
10 Using Service To Build Brands pdf mp3
11 Caring For Industrial Brands pdf mp3
12 Revitalizing Flagging Brands pdf mp3
13 Valuing Brands pdf mp3
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