Being a Force for Good Is Just Good Business: How Sustainability Can Lead To Profitability


Being a Force for Good is Just Good Business: How Sustainability Can Lead to Profitability

B2B buyers are placing increased importance on ESG topics when choosing a brand to do business with, according to our latest Superpowers Index research, and businesses who prioritize sustainability are 28% more likely to have seen increased revenues in the past 12 months.

Despite this, only 52% of businesses saw sustainability as a significant area of focus for their business.

This points to a missed opportunity. Brands willing to genuinely embrace and demonstrate a commitment to social and environmental responsibility are much better placed to grow their businesses into the future.

In our latest report, you’ll learn why sustainability is an important growth driver in the B2B sector and the specific ESG-related purchase decision drivers that matter most to buyers, so your business can put the building blocks in place to take advantage of this opportunity.

Download now to discover:

  • The importance of sustainability in today’s B2B sector from the point of view of customers, employees, investors, and regulators
  • The five newly significant B2B purchase decision drivers relating to ESG topics
  • The commercial benefits of excelling on these decision drivers
  • How businesses’ attitudes towards sustainability fall into five clear segments, and how many businesses are in each segment

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