B2B International is one of the world’s leading business-to-business market research consultancies serving companies in Shanghai with offices in Beijing, Singapore, Sydney the UK, mainland Europe and North America.


Market Research Shanghai | B2B International

Our expert research teams offer insight and analysis for both Chinese based clients and for many of the world’s largest companies and organisations outside of China. Using the very latest market research tools and techniques, our consultants develop tailored research programmes for companies in a wide range of sectors including:

Construction, energy, financial services, aerospace, automotive, chemicals, food and drink, IT, media, education, healthcare, professional services, telecommunications, transport, pulp, paper, print and packaging.

Our market research services

As business advisers, we are committed to providing advice on the underlying decision making in areas such as customer satisfaction research, market opportunity research, brand research, b2b pricing strategy, market entry research, customer loyalty and b2b market segmentation.

Using the most effective data collection techniques, our approach is based on an in-depth understanding of our clients’ goals and objectives in order to produce results-orientated market research programmes. For optimum results, we include the following techniques: