Segmentation is at the heart of marketing. It recognizes that customers and potential customers are different and must be treated as such. It is easy to segment markets based on firmographics such as company size, industry vertical or geography – but this is unlikely to give you a competitive advantage. This comes from a segmentation based on customer’s needs or behavior. However, it is difficult to segment customers and potential customers on the basis of their needs – which is why many business-to-business segmentation projects fail.

What we will set out to do

A good segmentation leads to improved customer experiences, it presents opportunities to sell value to customers that appreciate an augmented offer, it allows you to pare down offers for those who simply want to transact.

How we will do it

All companies segment their customers in some shape or form. We will start the project with workshops that introduce different segmentation possibilities and their pros and cons. We will agree with you the best segmentation for your company and from there we will work with you to develop customer value propositions for your targets.

We will then set up an implementation program, working with your teams to launch and run the new segmentation. This is likely to include all customer-facing people in your organization.

Our work could range from advisory on the benefits of different types of segmentation through to a full implementation of a segmentation project.

What you will get out of it

You need a segmentation that works and delivers improved sales, profitability and customer satisfaction. This is our goal and our promise.

Our clients include Shell, Norsk Hydro, ITW, PwC, Brother Printers.