There is a growing trend towards wider and deeper information requirements: b2b research must look at more countries, speak with more audiences, and go deeper in the supply chain.

Strategic but detailed

A key trend in b2b research is the relentless move towards research that is at once strategic but also extremely granular in its detail. Business decision makers require strategic direction, but that in itself is not enough. For research to be truly actionable, it must also be specific.

How we meet these requirements

In order to meet the need for deeper information requirements, B2B International is able to offer:

  • Longer and more detailed questionnaires that get right to the bottom of exactly what people are buying, how much they are paying, where they are buying from and where they find out about suppliers
  • Multi-level reports that provide a brief executive summary, an extended high-level picture, the detailed findings and also the specifics of certain interviews
  • High calibre staff who are capable of linking the strategic with the tactical and the granular
  • Pre-project and post-project workshops designed to develop action plans that are at once strategic and tactical

B2B international specialises in market research and intelligence that provides a clear way forward for strategists and implementers alike.