Photo of Guy Pasquill

I write surveys and sort out client sample for our fieldwork department. I personally love working with panel companies though so much prefer when a survey needs external sample!

Guy Pasquill Survey Programmer

What is the best thing about working at B2B International?

Spacious, nice office and the desks are huge. I’m a big fan of the dual monitor set up we’ve got currently and how open it is for everyone to chat and keep morale up.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Eric Thomas – “You gotta want it as bad as you wanna breathe”. He’s a motivational speaker and I won’t repeat how often I’ve listened to his talks throughout midnights in the library at university, and then it just moved into everything I do. I’d say I definitely don’t want most things as bad as I want to breathe but it’s always been a nice reminder to at least try to respect the work that I do by doing it as properly as I can in the time I can do it.

What is your favourite place you have visited – and why?

I only left the country for the first time about 1.5 years before writing this. I went on a minor duo holiday to Barcelona and Turin, and Turin I was staying in my friend’s tiny apartment so definitely Barcelona but probably because I haven’t been to many places. I’d love a quick trip to Hawaii if anyone’s willing to fund? Anyone?

What is your favourite book?

I’m a big fan of the horror genre and TV and movie have consistently let us down. The Haunting of Hill House film was absolutely garbage but the TV series on Netflix inspired me to read the book and while the story is essentially completely different, it’s a fantastic horror book.

What is your favourite pastime?

It’s going to sound a bit nerdy, but I like to learn things, so I end up frequently going on Wikipedia deep dives whenever I find some new piece of info. An example of this was when I learnt that the reason why we might never have seen aliens is because we’re looking for signs emitted by carbon life, but it’s not as simple as that because life could be silicon based and drink liquid ammonia in the same way we drink liquid water, so I read up all about alternate biochemistry models on Wikipedia. NERDY!