The Future of B2B Experiences Podcast Series #4: Phil Clayton, Meta

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The Future of B2B Experiences Podcast Series #4: Phil Clayton, Meta

The B2B landscape is ever changing and super dynamic, rich in opportunities but not without its challenges. One challenge the sector has faced in recent years is that of rising expectations of today’s B2B buyer. As a result, businesses have had to adapt, providing superior experiences to drive brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, and keep internal employees satisfied.

This brand-new podcast series explores how technology powers these experiences in B2B both now and in the future. From customer experience to brand experience, from user experience to employee experience, technology should now be at the forefront to ensure you remain successful in the B2B arena. The series is designed to inspire those who are wanting to continue to invest in their digital strategy, both along the buyer journey and also within the workplace, as well as provide food for thought as to what the future of B2B experiences looks like and how they will need to evolve in order to be a winning B2B brand.

In this fourth episode, Nick Hague, host of the B2B Insights Podcast, welcomes back Phil Clayton, Client Partner at Meta, who first debuted on the B2B Insights Podcast in April 2022. In this episode, Phil discusses what the Metaverse means for businesses today, what the immediate and long-term opportunities are and what the future of work looks like and the role the Metaverse is expected to play.

Key discussion points include:

  • What the Metaverse is and why the term is sometimes misunderstood
  • Why the Metaverse represents the next generation of the internet and computing platforms
  • How far away we are from the full realization of the Metaverse and why
  • Why the brands willing to start experimenting right now are the ones most likely to succeed in the Metaverse in the future
  • How the ‘Metaverse Readiness Model’ helps brands get started in the Metaverse
  • Examples of how brands are currently using the Metaverse and what the immediate opportunities are for brands
  • What the future of work looks like in Meta’s eyes and what Meta’s long-term vision is for the Metaverse…

… plus lots more. Listen to the podcast in full below.


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