The Metaverse – The Future of Creating Meaningful B2B Connections?

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The Metaverse - The Future of Creating Meaningful B2B Connections?

In short, the Metaverse is a 3D virtual world, focused on creating connections. While the concept is not a new one, it has recently become a buzz word in the world of business; perhaps unsurprising considering the latest online trends and the acceleration of digital transformation.

The B2B sector has seen a huge shift in recent years towards a digital first approach. This is due to numerous factors including a profile change of the typical B2B decision maker, external factors including the pandemic, and increasing competition. The buyer journey is long, with the average journey taking over half a year. This therefore (whilst challenging) opens opportunities to create meaningful relationships throughout that journey to ensure you become a winning B2B brand.

Does the future of relationship building and connecting with buyers lie in the metaverse?

On this special episode of the B2B Insights Podcast, Nick Hague is joined by Phil Clayton, Client Partner at Meta, to discuss how you can connect with the B2B buyer of today and the part the Metaverse has to play.

Phil talks through their recent re brand from Facebook to Meta; a nod towards this new trend in the business community; and the future ambitions of the company. They also get into the detail of our latest research report, sponsored by Meta themselves, focusing on the importance of a full funnel marketing approach to satisfy the increasing expectations of today’s B2B buyer.

Key takeaways include:

  • What does the metaverse mean for B2B buyers and what opportunities can it create?
  • What role the metaverse and AR play in B2B markets in the future?
  • The importance of brand building as part of a full funnel approach
  • The generational differences in B2B buyers; how can you connect effectively with each of them?
  • The role of social media in creating meaningful relationships
  • The impact of video within marketing campaigns
  • The importance of the personal touch
  • Best B2B practices for social media messaging…

… plus lots more! Listen to the podcast below.


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