Winning With Emotion: Are B2B Buying Decisions Driven by Emotional or Rational Thinking?

It is still a debate had among many in the B2B world; are buying decisions driven by emotions or rational thinking? The differences between B2B and B2C buying and marketing have got fewer and fewer, particularly accelerated by digital transformation and an increase in Millennial buyers. This therefore means the argument towards creating more emotion in B2B Marketing in order to become a winning brand has become stronger, but must we forget to incorporate the rational messaging? What is the winning formula?

In this on-demand B2B Marketing Ignite USA event session, B2B International’s Research Director, Wendy Joice-Denhard, is joined by Merkle B2B’s Head of Client Experience, Chris Hill, to answer the question “head or heart?”. They discuss how important it is to create meaningful, relevant connections with customers, as well as talk through the “4 Steps of Emotional Engagement” framework B2B brands can leverage to become successful.

Watch below:

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