Insights Inside #6: The Importance of an Agile Strategy w/ David Ward (Irwin Mitchell)

INSIGHTS INSIDE: Our new “podcast on lockdown” series, focusing on how businesses just like yours have adapted during this pandemic.


Insights Inside #6: The Importance of an Agile Strategy w/ David Ward (Irwin Mitchell)


In these times of uncertainty, we have created a new podcast series to help you understand how businesses like yours are adapting, as well as hearing experts across various industries give their best advice on how you can defend your brand and remain successful during these times.

COVID-19 has turned 2020 plans upside down for most organizations. As a result, it has never been so important to have an agile strategy in place in order to remain competitive, continue to grow or even in some instances keep heads above water and defend your brand(s).

Today on Insights Inside, I discuss agile strategies and “the new normal” with David Ward, Group Sales and Marketing Director at Irwin Mitchell. Find out how his organization flexed their operating model so quickly, and whether they had ever planned for a situation like this.

Our in-depth discussion also touched on:

  • Flexible working and employee support;

  • Their product offering, considering changing consumer behaviour and demand;

  • How they have continued with their “people culture” (reflected in their client intimacy strategy in which they live by) in this new digital world;

  • How they plan on remaining innovative and creative as we start to slowly emerge from the pandemic lockdown.

Listen to the full episode below to learn how embracing agile strategies can help your organization succeed in the “new normal”.


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