Research Shows Message About the Importance of Mental Health in the Workplace is Getting Through

mental health in the workplace

Mental health is ranked as a greater priority in UK workplaces than post-Brexit planning and environmental initiatives, according to our recent research.

In our recent survey of 159 HR professionals in the UK, 91% of respondents said mental health in the workplace was ‘extremely or somewhat important’, making it the most pressing issue from a list of four workplace concerns: ethical/environmentally sustainable initiatives, diversity initiatives and post-Brexit planning. The results were taken from our international study of almost a thousand business and HR professionals interviewed in the US, Germany, France, Spain and China, where similar findings were discovered.

Mental health in the workplace is the primary concern for UK HR and business professionals

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Other findings suggest that HR people are right to focus on mental health. In the UK, workers are almost as favourable to workplaces where quality of life is a priority – from the atmosphere and work/life balance to the location of the workplace and flexible working policies – as they are to a high remuneration package. This figure is, however, low compared to Germany and Spain, where factors such as work/life balance, wellness and workplace atmosphere are seen as far more important than in the UK.

The work environment and a good work life balance are almost as important as salaries for UK employees

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Generationally, while the research found that mental health in the workplace is seen as the most pressing issue across all generations, the degree of importance differs. 97% of millennials in the UK cite mental health in the workplace as extremely important or somewhat important, compared to 89% of Gen Xers and baby boomers.

Conor Wilcock, Director at B2B International, said:

“It’s heartening that the message about awareness of mental health as a workplace issue is really getting through to UK businesses and that HR sees it as a real priority. Not only is it the right thing to do for us as humans, but our research suggests it can contribute to staff retention levels, so there’s also a strong business case for making changes wherever possible to support people who need help.”


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