B2B Communities: An Exciting Addition to the B2B Researcher’s Toolkit?

B2B online community

In an ever-changing and fast-moving world, speedy decision-making can be the key to gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage in your market. Being slow to react can mean you start falling behind your rivals.

While business decisions may need to be taken quickly, they also need to be correct and based on solid insight and evidence. Tapping into the views of your customers and potential customers is an essential part of this.

So, how can your company obtain valuable feedback quickly and keep the decision-making process moving along? One answer is online communities.

Online communities are virtual communities with a strong common interest that interact with each other over the internet. Short polls can be sent out to members and responses received within days or even hours. While common place in consumer market research, surprisingly few communities are in use in b2b market research. Despite this, their use amongst b2b audiences is highly appealing.

Where do b2b communities work best? How can they be managed successfully? What value can they provide? Have they got a future in b2b market research? In a new white paper, our very own Paul Hague and Julia Cupman explore the use of b2b communities in an attempt to answer these very questions.

To read the white paper, please click the link below.

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