[Slideshare] 8 Places to Look for New Product Ideas

This month, as part of our 2015 Calendar series on developing a successful marketing strategy, we are focusing on product development. Earlier in the month we discussed the importance of the “augmented product” – the added services and benefits that customers receive along with the initial tangible product. This time however, we are taking a look at another crucial aspect of product development; generating new product ideas.

New products play a major role in keeping a product portfolio fresh. The big challenge for many companies is coming up with new product ideas. While these ideas can come to fruition naturally, it’s also important to be able to force the generation of new ideas. To this end, we have put together a handy SlideShare presentation detailing 8 of the best places to look for new product ideas. You can view it below:

To learn more about product development, including how market research can be used to minimise the risk of failure, read the white paper linked below.

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