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Construction and Trade

Construction, regarded as the engine of many economies, is a large and varied sector that frequently commissions research. As construction sectors become bigger, more competitive and increasingly prone to consolidation, the role of specialist construction market research becomes ever more important.

Construction industry research

From raw materials suppliers to estate agents, the companies commissioning market research are as varied as the projects themselves. We are adept at broad-based construction industry research studies - for instance trends in the housing market - as well as precise research studies requiring a high degree of technical industry knowledge.

Our construction market research experience is extensive as well as diverse, from customer satisfaction research / employee satisfaction research studies and brand research studies to new markets research - for instance for bitumastic products and polyurethane foam.

Our experience includes house building, infrastructure (road building, water and sewerage etc.), industrial construction, commercial construction, construction equipment and building materials (bricks, tiles, cement and timber etc.). We also carry out a significant amount of construction market research on behalf of major building and trade merchants.


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Thanks for all the work that’s gone into this study. The presentation is fantastic and the Reflect tool is really useful to allow us to interrogate the data with any other angles we need.

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The quality of the research delivered by B2B International is always first class, achieving better results than what we had previously received before.

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