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At B2B International, we offer a complete solution for new product research, designed to help you reap the rewards of successful innovation while reducing the cost of mistakes.

Building on our unique expertise in b2b markets, we provide the insight you need throughout the entire development cycle – from idea generation through to concept testing, opportunity assessment, prototype testing and post-launch evaluation.
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“The quality of work throughout the process was outstanding. My expectations have been exceeded on each of the projects I have worked on with B2B International.”

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“The research was thoroughly conducted and all the project objectives were exceedingly met.”

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“The experience of working with B2B International on this project was really good. Our topic was fairly complex and B2B International were able to integrate the different parameters we wanted into this study.”


Scoping and strategy

Successful innovation in the global b2b marketplace

With unrivalled experience across tens of b2b markets, we know what’s needed to develop winning product strategies and how research can help give your new products a competitive edge. Our worldwide capability means we have the cultural knowledge and geographic footprint to work across international borders. And through our deep understanding of customer needs, we can help you see beyond traditional silos and product boundaries.



Generating ideas. Evaluating opportunities

What’s your next big idea? Our ideation programme enables you to systematically generate and explore new ideas. Through structured workshops, you can work through the process of innovation, co-create with a range of stakeholders (including customers) and evaluate the opportunities. Other methods include diary and ethnographic studies, mobile qual studies, focus groups, and online communities.


Concept & prototype testing

Researching the potential

We provide a complete range of advanced research tools to fully assess and prioritise concepts and to evaluate prototype performance. Techniques include statistics and modelling such as regression analysis to identify relationships between features / benefits and purchase intent, our databank of norms for benchmarking performance, and our expertise in helping our clients develop success criteria.

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Enhancing the customer value proposition

The customer value proposition (CVP) comprises the ultimate features and benefits a customer should expect to receive from an offering. In building the brand and launching a new product or service, many companies struggle communicating a compelling CVP as they focus too much on what they have to sell rather than on what customers need and value.

We work closely with our clients to help them create or enhance the customer value propositions for their key offerings. This usually starts with voice of the customer research to understand the value drivers of the product or service. Following presentation of the findings, we typically run an interactive workshop to develop a winning CVP. This is often incorporated into a business case, used for marketing collateral, and shared with sales teams to optimize their sales pitch.

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Improving your product development ROI

The most receptive segments, the most compelling product attributes, the strongest messaging, the optimum pricing strategy, the most appropriate channels: Through a range of research tools, specially adapted for b2b markets, we provide all the information you need to improve the product development return on investment.


Cycle of innovation

Building on success

The product development process is an ongoing cycle. The successful business is managing innovation and improvement across a portfolio of products, on a continual basis. We provide consultancy and practical support to ease the transition from product research to successful launch, and can help ensure that knowledge and expertise are shared across the business.

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