Building Value-Driven Brand Experiences Podcast Series #1: Richard Shotton

The B2B Insights Podcast Channel was created to help marketing and insights professionals navigate the rapidly-changing world of B2B markets and develop the strategies that will propel their brand to the top.

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Building Value-Driven Brand Experiences Podcast Series #1: Richard Shotton

Brands are not reaching the inflated expectations of B2B buyers, according to our 2023 B2B Superpowers Index, and there is a huge opportunity for those who can evolve their brand experiences, at speed and at scale, to stay relevant to increasing buyer needs and expectations.

Changing market dynamics and the economic realities of 2023 also mean that B2B buyers are now accountable for every single dollar they spend, and B2B brands need to work harder than ever before to build trust, win customers and drive loyalty.

This brand-new podcast series, featuring guest insights from world-renowned experts in brand strategy and marketing, looks at how B2B brands can rise to the challenge and build progressive, customer-centric brand experiences that both meet and exceed the expectations of today’s B2B buyers.

By exploring the decision drivers that matter most in the B2B purchase journey, we’ll dig deep into why some brands are more successful than others and provide insights and strategies on how to develop brand experiences that not only serve the needs of a buyer’s organization, but also deliver personal value to the individuals behind a purchase decision.

To kick off the series, Nick Hague is joined by Richard Shotton, founder of the consultancy Astroten which specializes in applying behavioral science to marketing, and author of the hugely popular The Choice Factory. In this episode, Richard discusses key learnings from his latest book, The Illusion of Choice, and explains how behavioral science can be used to understand and influence the way buyers behave to help marketers win new customers, retain old customers, and sell more in the future, even at a higher price.

Key discussion points include:

  • Why an understanding of behavioral science represents a huge opportunity for B2B marketers

  • The value of building behavioral science into market research studies

  • How behavioral science can be applied anywhere across the buyer journey, not just at the final purchase stage

  • Examples of behavioral science in action, including within the subtitle of Richard’s new book, The Illusion of Choice

  • How to apply biases such as ‘Make It Easy’, ‘Make It Difficult’, ‘The Generation Effect’, ‘Extremeness Aversion’ and ‘The Peak-End Rule’ to B2B markets…

…plus lots more! Listen to the podcast episode in full below.


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