The 4 Key Traits of Effective Buyer Segmentation

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The 4 Key Traits of Effective Buyer Segmentation


The 4 Key Traits of Effective Buyer Segmentation


If your target audience is diverse, your marketing should be too.

One of my favorite ways to approach this is segmentation.

Great buyer segments have 4 key traits:

  1. Sizeable: Big enough to matter.

  2. Distinct: Easily recognizable from other segments.

  3. Durable: Lasting long enough to affect your bottom line.

  4. Actionable: Easy-to-use, with recognizable benefits to sales and marketing.

The truth is, effective segmentation is about delivering on customer needs.

It’s one thing creating a market segment, it’s another making that insight benefit your customer. But remember that needs, attitudes and behaviors change over time.

2020 saw massive shifts in changes around the world.

B2B International are probably doing more segmentation studies right now than in the last 5 years. Ask yourself: Do you know how your customers’ needs have changed?

Creating segment-based insights is the first step.

The key part however is clearly knowing how these insights apply to your customer base.



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