CX Masters Podcast Series #3: Bruce Temkin, Qualtrics XM Institute

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CX Masters Podcast Series #3: Bruce Temkin, Qualtrics XM Institute

With customer experience (CX) a number 1 priority for most B2B companies heading into 2021, we wanted to learn more from the CX experts in this latest B2B Insights Podcast series: The CX Masters.

Join our Head of Growth and Co-Founder, Nick Hague, as he takes a deep dive each week into the world of CX, to find out how you can create a superior customer experience, and in turn increase customer loyalty and drive greater profitability.

This week Nick is joined by Bruce Temkin, Head of the Qualtrics XM Institute. Bruce has been a central figure in the world of CX for over 20 years, from his influential thought leadership at Forrester, through to founding The Temkin Group and co-founding the Customer Experience Professionals Association.

Known as the “Godfather of CX”, whatever there is to know about CX and experience management, Bruce has the answer.

Key Takeaways From This Podcast:

  • Bruce’s journey to becoming the “Godfather of CX”

  • The biggest shifts in the CX industry over the last 20 years

  • The importance of buy in from a leadership team in order to execute against CX initiatives in the short and long term

  • What the “5 P’s of purposeful leadership for setting the course for CX management” are

  • The importance of creating a customer-centric culture internally in order to deliver world class customer experience

  • What the “Federated CX Model” is, and how it can help embed CX capabilities across departments and functions

  • What the future holds for CX

…Plus lots more! Listen to the podcast in full below.


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