4 Steps to Establishing Stronger Emotional Connections With Your Customers

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4 Steps to Establishing Stronger Emotional Connections With Your Customers


4 steps to establishing stronger emotional connections with your customers


B2C companies have known the power of emotional engagement for decades.

But in the B2B sphere, this insight is just emerging.

The emotional aspects of brands are just as important as the logical side. In fact, they’re inseparable.

From our research at B2B International, we’ve identified four steps to establishing stronger emotional connections:

  1. Trust. In the beginning, reputation is everything. Getting in the door means delivering on your promise.

  2. Empathy. What are your buyer’s needs? Show them that you not only know them, but deeply care too.

  3. Enrichment. Customers become loyal when brands significantly impact their life. Empower your customers to achieve more.

  4. Eminence. The most prestigious brands are ones that customers are proud to align with. This is the ultimate goal: to be held in high esteem by your customers.

In these trying times we are currently living in with the coronavirus pandemic, connecting these four pieces evolves your product or service from a practical offering into one satisfying your customer’s emotional needs (and emotions are running high right now!).



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