Insights Inside Podcast Series: Catch up on Episodes 1-6

The B2B Insights Podcast Channel was created to help marketing and insights professionals navigate the rapidly-changing world of B2B markets and develop the strategies that will propel their brand to the top.

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INSIGHTS INSIDE: Our new “podcast on lockdown” series, focusing on how businesses just like yours have adapted during this pandemic.

In these times of uncertainty, we have created a new podcast series to help you understand how businesses like yours are adapting, as well as hearing experts across various industries give their best advice on how you can defend your brand and remain successful during these times.

#1: The Importance of Innovation to Stay Ahead (James Gibson, Michelin)

Find out how Michelin has remained at the forefront of innovation during this pandemic, how they are operating during the crisis, and how insights have helped them adapt their strategy to become more digital-focused through these times.


#2: Bringing Your Brand To Life Through Culture (Theo Kroese, Moving As One)

Learn how to bring brands and the customer experience to life through aligning teams around a common goal, how to avoid common pitfalls and challenges and how businesses can navigate their way out of a crisis.


#3: How Research & Insights Can Help Businesses Navigate Uncertain Times (Jane Frost, MRS)

Jane discusses the importance of businesses continuing to focus on research in times of uncertainty, as well as how research professionals can best position and frame the value of research within their companies to ensure it’s importance is recognized.


#4: The Role of Strategists to Deliver New World Success (Rhys Taylor, gyro)

Nick and Rhys discuss the importance of placing your customer at the heart of your strategy, what CMOs need to do to take hold of the opportunities that have arisen out of the current situation and the importance of delivering a seamless omnichannel B2B experience in the new world post coronavirus.


#5: The Importance of Selling on Value (Steve Laborda, ValueBizbooster)

Nick and Rhys discuss the definition of value selling and what businesses struggle with most when trying to improve their customer experience.


#6: The Importance of an Agile Strategy (David Ward, Irwin Mitchell)

Nick discusses agile strategies and “the new normal” with David Ward, Group Sales and Marketing Director at Irwin Mitchell. Find out how his organization flexed their operating model so quickly, and whether they had ever planned for a situation like this.


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