Insights Inside #2: Bringing Your Brand To Life Through Culture w/ Theo Kroese (Moving As One)

INSIGHTS INSIDE: Our new “podcast on lockdown” series, focusing on how businesses just like yours have adapted during this pandemic.


Insights Inside #2: Bringing Your Brand To Life Through Culture w/ Theo Kroese (Moving As One)


In these times of uncertainty, we have created a new podcast series to help you understand how businesses like yours are adapting, as well as hearing experts across various industries give their best advice on how you can defend your brand and remain successful during these times.

This week on Insights Inside, I have been joined by Theo Kroese, the Founder of Moving As One. Theo previously led the global marketing strategy at Mammoet, and due to his passion in bringing marketing and branding to life, has now turned his attention into starting up his own consultancy which helps businesses align their teams around a common goal. He really is a thought leader in this space through his work at both organisations.

Today our discussion focuses around:

  • Bringing a brand and customer experience to life through this common goal
  • How B2B businesses can apply it, particularly at the moment whilst working from home
  • How they can overcome pitfalls and challenges
  • What this all means for businesses during times of great uncertainty
  • How can businesses navigate their way out of this crisis

Listen to the full podcast below for some branding inspiration from a true industry expert!


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