My Week With B2B International

Last week we were joined in the office by a local school student on a work experience placement. He shared his thoughts on his week at B2B International below.

I applied for a week of work experience with B2B International because I wanted to experience the world of work and see what market research is all about. I was at B2B International from the 13th to the 17th of March and during that time worked on jobs for different people, sat in on meetings, learnt a little bit about printers, drainpipes and the German language.

B2B International is a market research company that researches international business-to-business markets for their clients. They produce a final presentation which is shown to their clients at the end of the project and summarises what their clients think of their brand and guides them to make decisions in the future.

This is how my week went; on day one I arrived at the office and was met in reception by Matt Harrison. We then walked to the Arundel office and there was a company-wide skype call to update the list of clients and the stage each project was at. We then went back to the main office and I was shown a presentation of statistics for a plastic pipe manufacturer. Finally I watched a video of an American focus group discussing printers and made notes on what they said about printers, the advantages and disadvantages and the most important features.

On my second day I arrived to the office at 11:30 because I got the wrong train and ended up in Stoke. However when I got there I was given five interviews and I had to write what people had said, any positives, negatives, similarities and differences. I then had to construct a PowerPoint presentation on my findings.

Wednesday morning started with a ‘show and tell’ meeting in the Arundel office. After this I carried on reading the interviews and making a PowerPoint on my notes.

On Thursday morning I was given some concepts from English focus groups and I had to read them and put the information onto a spreadsheet. In the afternoon I was given the same concepts but from German focus groups and I had to add the information from those concepts into the spreadsheet.

The morning of my final day was spent continuing to translate the German concepts from the focus groups and then add them into the spreadsheets.

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