[Video] Where is Your Marketing Strategy Focused?

As those of you with our 2015 Calendar will know, our focus this year is all about marketing strategy and how you can increase your chances of marketing success. The key takeaway for this month was identifying your one biggest strength as a company and making this the focal point of your marketing strategy.

Your marketing strategy can be one of cost leadership, differentiation or a niche. Which one you choose depends on where your strengths lie as a company. Kia, for example, focuses on low-cost cars whereas Aston Martin focuses on a niche. The quickest way to lose all competitive advantage is to try and focus on more than one of these strategies.

As part of our focus on ‘Focus’, we have produced a short animated video recapping everything you need to know to go away and start developing an effective marketing strategy.

To learn more about the three strategies mentioned here, including real-life examples of companies using them, take a look at our in-depth article on the subject.

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