[Video] Is B2B Market Research Important?

The sales function is losing its dominance in b2b. Marketing is now exerting a greater influence in b2b companies than ever before. With this shift comes the increasing need to base marketing and business decisions on accurate and reliable facts and figures. This is where market research comes in.

The ability to gather data and identify crucial insights on a business’s customers and markets of interest can inform decision-making and help to develop more effective strategies. As more and more b2b companies become marketing-led as opposed to sales-led, the need for b2b market research becomes all the more important.

In the video below, Claudia Knod, General Manager of B2B International Germany, explains in more detail why b2b market research is growing in importance. The video looks at the shift from sales to marketing in b2b companies and what this means for business decision-making. Find out why so many companies are now turning to market research by watching the video below.

Are you noticing the greater influence marketing is having in your company? Let us know in the comments section below.

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