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The Modern Suggestion Box

We read recently on research-live.com that auto maker Ford Motor Company has boasted of going “beyond traditional market research” with the launch of a website where members of the public can share ideas about the types of features they would like to see in future car models.
This initiative – to be found

Marketer of the Year

Who would be your vote for marketer of the year? Well, according to a recent survey by AdAge, there was one clear winner – auto manufacturer Hyundai. So, why Hyundai?
Earlier in the year, at a time when the economy was hitting the depths of doom, gloom and despair, most advertisers

Driven To Distraction

In his latest Thursday Night Insight post, B2B Research Executive Oliver Truman reflects on his own experiences with the automotive industry and concludes that it isn’t just financial assistance that’s needed – it’s also a fundamental reappraisal of what customers actually want and need from their cars.
An awful lot

Our Industry Expertise


The quality of work throughout the process was outstanding. My expectations have been exceeded on each of the projects I have worked on with B2B International.


Very good market intelligence that will be invaluable in helping us understand the market landscape and formulate our strategy.